How to make a concrete floor at home

Today, concrete gender is increasingly being used in the construction of houses. The popularity of the concrete floor is explained by the presence of many advantages, among which the inappropriateness of decay and the ability to obtain a flat surface on which you can easily lay any coating. The concrete floor can be poured with your own hands.

Work starts to pour the floor with the fact that the surface is leveled with a scrap of a sand pillow. Then, gravel is poured onto a dumped surface with a thick layer, which is thoroughly compacted with a vibration plant or durable wooden tram. Then the formwork is installed over the entire surface. If the area of ​​the room is large, it must be divided into parts. A reinforced mesh is mounted inside the formwork. If the grid is narrow, its canvases are connected with each other with a knitting wire.

Then go to the floor filling. If such work is carried out for the first time, use the advice given on the site

The flooded floor is allowed to dry for 3-5 days, after which the surface is re-aligned. To do this, make a special solution of sand, cement and special glider. The floor is wiped with a trowel and aligned with a flat board, on which the handle is attached for convenience. This method allows you to achieve very good results.

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