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How to make a kitchen layout

Kitchen is not only a place where they cook food. This is the holy of the saints of every mistress. Food is not just preparing in the kitchen, but rather culinary masterpieces are even created. So that you are pleased to be in this “appetizing” room, some efforts should be made and fund.

The basis of the kitchen is a sink, a refrigerator and a gas (or electric) stove. Next comes all attachments (cabinets, shelves, etc.), bedside tables. It is important to correctly arrange all the attributes of the kitchen.

Three items (refrigerator, washing, stove) – working triangle. It is important to put up in such a way that the sum of all the lengths of the sides of this triangle is not less than 3.5 meters, since it will come out very closely. And at the same time it is not recommended that it be more than 6.5 meters. Excess running will only come out. Water filtration using filters should be provided in your kitchen, since the quality of the water leaves much to be desired. Filters are best hidden under the sink. The most optimal position for them. And away from the eyes and closer to the water supply.

When installing a gas stove and washing, you should focus on the location of the connection to the gas pipe and water supply, respectively. Take into account the possibility of hidden broaching hoses, if you have to pull it to the connection point. It is advisable to separate the stove and sink with some kind of bedside table or table. Their location in the neighborhood is extremely undesirable. The oven should open freely and there should be a distance of at least a meter to the nearest interior item. When you hang the cabinets, it is necessary to take into account the growth of the hostess so that she can freely reach them.

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