How to make a niche in the wall

In modern design of apartments, decorative niches are quite common. A niche is a recess in a partition or a wall obtained by a drywall or other system. Niches can be vertical or horizontal. Its location and parameters will depend on the functionality of the niche.

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For example, a horizontal niche is used to extend the walls, vertical niches are used to raise the ceiling. If the niche is intended not only to decorate the interior, it performs the functions of the storage (wires, household appliances, furniture). After you have decided on the niche, make its drawing. When creating the drawing, the design parameters are taken into account, the possibility of wall structure. It should be borne in mind that it is undesirable to make deep niches in partitions, carrying walls and columns. Because this process is quite complicated and expensive. And damage to the supporting elements can lead to weakening, and later the destruction of the building.

Niches are made from different materials: drywall, brick, concrete. The recess for the future niche is recommended to do a little more, given the future niche finish. After the installation of the niche (performing draft work), proceed to the decoration and decoration.

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