How to make an opening in the wall

So many people are not satisfied with the layout in their apartments. In order for the space to become more convenient for housing, redevelopment is necessary. Often there is a need to make a new door door in the wall. There can be several reasons for wall cutting down: moving the doorway to a new, more convenient place, the need to increase the doorway or make it slightly higher.

Before taking the collapse of the walls, you need to contact the specialized bodies and get permission. This permission is not a pure formality, since apartment owners may simply not know which of the walls carrier, and when it is dismantled, the whole house can become less reliable.

In the case when the door is not tolerated and simply increases in size, you do not need to take permission.

The most difficult thing is to cut a new door in a wall made of concrete. To carry out such work, you need to use a saw or harsh diamond saw. The use of diamond cutting allows you to perform even the most difficult work in a short time and without special efforts. With such cutting, unwanted vibrations are not created and there are also no large amount of garbage construction.

If there is no diamond cutting, you can use a perforator, grinder, sledgehammer and of course a large number of garbage bags will come in handy.

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