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How to make repairs in the bathroom

Basket repair is rather difficult and responsible work. It is worth noting that not everyone can decide to independently make repairs in the bathroom. However, if you still decide to make it with your own hands, then you need to prepare for it in advance.

It is very important that you carefully plan the repair. Particular attention should be paid to financial expenses. After all, sometimes such a repair can cost even several thousand dollars. Therefore, you need to be prepared for such expenses.

First you need to start dismantling old pipes, tiles and plumbing. Often, copper, cast -iron or titanium pipes are installed in the bathrooms, which can always be passed. Today there are many companies that are engaged in the reception of color metro. If you do not know where to give the scrap color, then you can visit the official website of one of these companies and find out all the necessary information there.

Replacing old pipes is better with more modern plastic analogues. At the same time, you need to install them in places that would allow them to hide from prying eyes. However, if you decide to make your water supply from metal -plastic pipes, then they should be available to inspect the joints.

In addition, it is worthwhile to do an electrician. This must be done very carefully, as the bathroom belongs to the type of rooms with increased danger. If you make wiring in the bathroom, it is better to use a three -wire wire for this, which has double isolation. It is not recommended to lay wiring in metal shells.

After work with electricity and plumbing, you can do work with the ceiling and masonry of tiles. In order for the tile to lie even on the wall, it is necessary to engage in the alignment of the pipes. The screed in the bathroom differs from the screed in other rooms only with its waterproofing coating. If you do not want to often quarrel with your neighbors from below, then you will have to take care of reliable waterproofing. Next, you can start working with the ceiling. Quite often, so -called suspended ceilings with lamps are installed in bathrooms.

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