How to properly arrange a drainage system in a summer cottage

The summer cottage gives not only the territory where you can relax with warm summer evenings or raise your favorite vegetables and fruits. A summer cottage is also a huge responsibility. It requires you to invest a lot of effort. To make life convenient, you should provide a huge number of different little things.

One of the obligatory systems that you should have if your site is too wet soil is a drainage system. How to arrange it correctly? This is what we will talk about today. Remember that excess moisture that may appear if you can’t take care of this in time, can ruin not only your plants, but also your home.

Drainage can be closed and open. Open drainage is a network of a channel that are interconnected at a certain distance. All excessive moisture flows through these channels, after which it enters the sewer, lake and other places provided for this. All channels must be strengthened with drainage so that they do not blur. Walls can be made from various plants and shrubs.

Closed drainage is also a network of channels, however, they are made of plastic or ceramics. As a rule, they are buried in the ground and equipped with special filters. The depth of the trench into which the pipes lay down can be about one meter. The drainage system is carried out in any permitted sources. If you plan to make a drain into a nearby pond or lake, take care of the presence of the appropriate filters so as not to pollute water.

The drainage system can be made from various materials. If you want to get a reliable system, it is better to use ceramics or bricks. If you want to save, then plastic pipes are best suited for you. Although, they are not durable and are affected by the environment.

Filters must be done depending on which soils are on your site. If you have a clay area, it is advisable to use large -piece filters, this will save you from the need for frequent replacement. If you have a less granular soil, then the filter can be thicker. In the case of sandy soil, you can use fiberglass.

To pump water in the system, it is necessary to take care of the water pump, which must be selected depending on the occurrence of drainage pipes.

To prevent the pipe clogging, they must be periodically cleaned.

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