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How to reduce the front door?

It happens that when installing a new door leaf, it turns out to be larger, and it is required to reduce it. Now doors from veneer are especially popular, a large selection of veneered doors allows customers to find the door that meets their requirements.

The following tools will be needed for work:

– hammer, screwdriver, cutter;

– wooden wedge, goats;

– screw clamps, a metal ruler;

– chisel, disk saw;

– Wooden gaskets, sponge, carpentry glue.

Work begins with the fact that they remove the old canvas of the door from the loops. To do this, a wooden wedge is placed under the loop and press on it with a screwdriver. The door is laid on the goats. On its surface, a line is drawn along which the cut will be carried out and cut it with a cutter. To the place of the cut, using clamps, press the ruler, and the lower part of the canvas is cut off. So that the material does not crumble, a transverse block is inserted into the half part of the incision, which is treated with carpentry glue and inserted into the space between the casing. For greater reliability, the crossbar is attached to clamps, under which wooden gaskets should be placed to protect the cladding from damage. Then, with the help of a sponge, it is necessary to remove all the excess glue and leave the canvas until completely dry. After that, the door can be installed in place.

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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