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How to rent an apartment correctly?

If you are going to rent an apartment for a long time, take your time. Rush in this case can only harm. Before starting the search for the apartment, read the state of the real estate market in the area that interests you.

It is also worth deciding for yourself – are you ready to independently solve disputes with potential landlords or to assign these problems on the shoulders of the employees of the real estate agency.

With long -term lease, it is necessary to draw up an agreement. It is desirable that this agreement be drawn up and notarized. The presence of a competent housing rental agreement will save you from most controversial issues that may arise during your stay in rented real estate.

Without a contract, you may at any time face the need for early eviction from the apartment that you rent.

Before concluding an apartment rental agreement, make sure that you are dealing with the owner of the housing. To do this, read the documents that indicate this (title documents).

If, on behalf of the home owner, the contract is his representative, then demand to present a notarized power of attorney that enshrines the authority to rent an apartment in hiring.

If you have experience in drawing up housing rental contracts, you know what to pay attention to when choosing and renting real estate, you can independently resolve the housing issue.

Otherwise, it is better to contact a real estate agency. Having paid for the services of professionals, you insure yourself from large financial losses.

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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