How to restore a kitchen table without a master

Time has passed, and your favorite kitchen corner lost the form. Cracks, scratches became noticeable? But do not rush to the store for new furniture, keep in mind that modular furniture can be replaced partially, which is very convenient. In this case, it will be necessary to replace the door, as well as update the box facades. The advice is given here how to deal with this. The restoration of the kitchen table is carried out using tools and materials for its repair, so prepare the doors for replacement, panels that will become the front wall for boxes. Also, any suitable glue, facing material, screwdriver will be needed.

Starting to disassemble the boxes, make the appropriate numbering of fragments so as not to confuse. If there is no certainty that remember everything, make a sketch of a disassembled structure.

The old door should be removed from the loop. Then you need to unscrew the screws connecting the door and loops. The old door serves as a template, make marks for loops on the canvas of a new door. You may need to make a recess if the hinges should be drowned in wood. In this case, use the chisel. To check the sufficiency of the recess, try on the loops to it. Determine the attachment points and make pencil marks. Now it remains to make holes and insert the screws. When hanging a new door, fix first of all the upper loop, and then all the others. In the same scheme, replace other doors.

We are engaged in the repair of boxes. Start by removing screws on the old wall. The new wall is put on the floor, the box is placed on top. Make sure that the front side of the new surface is facing the floor.

Through the free holes, make marks for screws, this can be done, for example, an awl. Drill holes, and the new wall is attached to a permanent place. Pay attention not to discover distortions.

By purchasing doors that do not have processing, you can do it yourself. Lacu, veneer, stain is suitable. On sale there are special tapes that process the ends of the furniture elements. To fix them, you will need glue, the most often PVA is used. You need to apply it to the surface, and wait a bit so that the glue is absorbed. The color also changes, the glue becomes more transparent. After that, you can complete the work and glue the finishing material. Your updated kitchen furniture continues to service!

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