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How to start repairing a country house?

Modern people try to equip the house, making repairs for their full convenience. Most often, cosmetic repairs are carried out, since it does not require a lot of effort, time and costs. So how do you make a cosmetic repairs with your own hands?

Cosmetic repairs imply a simple interior of the room so that you need to start with the preparation of the premises for repair: cleaning furniture and other things from the room, removal of old wallpaper (if any), cleansing various surfaces from paint.

The next stage is a selection of necessary tools and materials for repair and layout of its main directions. The third thing you need is to check various surfaces (walls of the floor and ceiling) for the presence of defects in plaster and other finishing materials. We move on to the repair of the ceiling, here the best finishing solution will be painting, as this will avoid unnecessary efforts related to wallpaper or tiles.

The walls, of course, are better to stick wallpaper, and do not forget that the glue soaks the wallpaper and they expand, so the wallpaper is expanded, you need to “overlap” that is, gluing each subsequent piece of wallpaper with a chopper to the previous one, it should not be less than 2 cm.

The penultimate stage of repair, flooring. Paul can be made: parquet, tile or others, depending on the preferences of the owners of the house. The last thing you need to do is to get out in the room and return the put things back at the same time, having made their permutation, if this is not done, then the whole feeling of update in the house will disappear.

Repairs of the roof of a country house

If your country house has a need to repair the roof, then you should decide on the material that you will use to cover. Now the number of materials offered is quite large, in addition to the traditional slate, there are many new modern.

The most affordable, practical and convenient in use can be considered a throat to the tile. Its advantage is obvious, it is durability, ease of use, and a fairly small weight that all the work will allow you to do it yourself. To cover the tile, it is necessary to make a crate from a bar or board, and it is not necessary to lay down a continuous layer, enough in the middle and ends of the sheet. This coating, due to corrugation, has very good rigidity, which allows you to withstand a fairly large weight.

The fastening method is quite simple, special cuts allow you to do everything very quickly using an electric drill or screwdriver.

Cutting if necessary is carried out by a conventional grinder. The advantage of this coating is in durability, due to the multi -layer coating, the service life of the warranty reaches 50 years. Another of the positive qualities is fire safety, the metal does not burn.

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Investments in the state

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