How to strengthen the cottage on the coastal slope

There are those who are lucky with the cottage, the plot is even, in a good place. And it happens that the “allotted” is inherited or for free somewhere on the slope, and it seems that I don’t want to refuse, but also what to do with it is unclear. A few summer residents are ready to try on the role of a surveyor or landscape designer. Everyone already has their own profession who provides accounting services, who sings songs. And not everyone to be brilliant gardeners! However, genius is not required, the strengthening of the cottage on the slope or on the river bank is not at all tricky.

Strengthening the coastal slope with a small slope

If the slope is not particularly large, then “strengthening” trees can be planted on it. IVE is best for this purpose, a hedge is excellent from it. This plant has an incredible tenacious root structure, so the slope will hold on. However, beautiful lawn grass is also suitable if there is no desire. For small slopes are suitable:



Lawn mixture specifically for slopes.

With a special finished mixture, even serious, up to 40 degrees are strengthened. The herbs also have solid and long roots, which will strengthen the slope in the vertical direction, and due to the autonomic development system, the grass will “rally” the ground in the upper layer.

Strengthening the coastal slope with the average slope

With an average bias, you can use geotextiles or plastic geo -relics, they will perform the function of the latch. On the grill, lawn grass is also planted. And the geosquet allows the Earth to give stiffness, if necessary for a region that differs in rampty. The earth will not spread. But if again there is no desire to sow grass, point fortification is possible with the help of terrace barriers, they are placed on each meter of the site, and they can be decorated in the form of beds.

Strengthening the coastal slope with a steep slope

With a very steep slope, heating stones, ceramic blocks and special ring structures helps into the ground. It is not fundamentally done with your own hands, you can, as well as accounting services, order this work from professionals once. And then engage in the further creative design of flower beds and a terrace staircase with a stone border.

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