How to strengthen the handrail of stairs

Handrails are necessary in order to combine the railing, as well as ensure safety during descent and climbing the stairs. In some cases, handrails can be attached to the wall located right next to the stairs. In this case, there will be no problems with them.

However, those railing that are based on balusters, over time, are very shaken and cease to meet all the requirements for them.

In order to return the railing to the original appearance, it is necessary to stock up on some tools, including: Khozawovka key a ward drill hook of a chisel.

A small hole must be drilled in the plug, you can do this by means of a drill. After that, the hook is inserted into the drilled hole, to which it should be pulled. Thus, the plug can be pulled out.

After that, with the help of the wrench, you need to tightly tighten all the mounts so that the railing stops staggering.

After all the above work is completed, and the railing has again acquired reliability, the hole can be closed by the means of the new plug. After such a non -complicated repair, handrails will be able to last more than one year, without requiring additional repairs or replacement.

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