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How to varnish parquet

Parquet can not be put in order by such a large number of ways. And as the most characteristic and common in this case, the use of varnishing can be called. Although we must admit that in order to obtain a qualitative effect, the owners are forced to spend a lot of effort.

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Before starting to directly cover the floor of the parquet with varnish itself, the flooring will need to be polished. They use grinding machines for this today. Only you need to make sure that there is no danger of damage to such an unit. To do this, remove any fastener from parquet.

Then the cracks that can be found between the boards are closed with putty. Only after the drying of this material comes, do they continue to work. The varnish will fall better on wood, provided that the tree is in advance by a primer in advance. Therefore, the parquet should be correctly primed.

Covering the surface of the floor, folded from parquet, with varnish is not so difficult. At the same time, the most suitable type of this material itself is the most important condition here. In particular, it is better to turn to the use of transparent varnish, so that the result of the texture of wood remains completely prominent.

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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