How to work with linoleum

Dry flooring has some disadvantages. Linoleum has the ability to tear himself away and break off at the edges, therefore, when the base is wooden, it is better to nail the edges with thick nails or brackets using a stapler. This should be done every 10-15 cm. As a result, these nails will not be visible, as they are covered with skirting boards. If the edges will fit loosely, water can get there, so the linoleum edges are planted on glue.

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Metal rails are protecting the edges of linoleum. They are simple or with fakes. The installation of the rails is carried out using screws with hats that need to drown in the rail. For this purpose, holes with separation are drilled (drunk hooding holes are drilled in the extreme elements of the structure, its fainted parts to set the semi -lane and secret rivets, and a tool is also called, called the opening of the hole, which has a millimeter more than that than that hats. If the rails are attached from concrete to the base, make holes into which the plugs are clogged from plastic or wood into which the screws are introduced.

Когда производят безклейный настил линолеума, нарезают его на куски соответствующих параметров и дают отлежаться две или три недели, этим дают возможность линолеуму проявить свою пластичность до его эксплуатирования.

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