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Imported and domestic doors.

For a long time, the door quality of the door ceased to be its foreign origin. And at the same time, you should remember that the cost of the import door of the presented in our market includes not only the cost of the manufacturer for material and manufacture, but also for customs fees, transport services and part of the expenses for renting the premises. That is why foreign doors cost an order of magnitude more expensive than domestic, but in this case the price does not indicate the best quality of material.

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Import doors often have another drawback, which, however, will add enough unnecessary trouble to the owner, this disadvantage is considered to be a non -spray size, which very often have foreign doors.

Well, if we compare the quality of our domestic doors and foreign ones, then thanks to the current technologies, our doors are absolutely not inferior to foreign counterparts, and sometimes even significantly surpass them.

By purchasing and installing domestic doors, you do not overpay this time and when you do the door, you can always contact the manufacturer’s company or to the salon, a store where the doors were purchased.

So do not chase imports, but evaluate the advantages and quality of Russian doors and you will not lose, but only benefit from this.

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