Independent installation of a warm floor from heating

Nice to walk on the floor without slippers, barefoot. This problem can be solved in two ways. With the help of electric warm floor, infrared heating systems or warm flooring from heating. One method has its advantages and disadvantages. In this article, I will tell you how to correctly mount a warm floor, from heating.

We make a warm floor from the melting

Step one. We warm the floor with foam. The entire floor must be covered with sheets of foam with a thickness of 20mm.   On top of the foam we spread the heat -refracting screen. Thin foam polysterol, which covers the heat of foil, which is sold in rolls. This is a guarantee that heat will not go to the floor.

Step two.   We break the floor of your room into several parts. Each part should not be more than 10m. sq. If you want your warm floor from heating to work effectively, each part will have to make an independent. Now, in one of your areas, we lay the metal -plastic pipe with a snake so that there would be a distance of no more than 15 cm between the pipes and fasten it through the foam to the floor. For fastening, we use special clips. I ask you to notice that the pipe must be laid in a whole piece, there should not be connections in the floor.

The ends of the pipe are removed to the connection site (usually it is a small cabinet with a pump and a distribution rowing) and so far we leave it not connected. We will engage in connecting parts of the floor after all triumphs are laid and fixed. Then we connect the warm floor to the camshaft. The comb is connected directly to the supply and return of your heating. Before the comb on the return, a circulation pump is installed.

Step third. After checking the pipelines for the presence of leaks, and making sure that they are not, we fill the screed. The screed should have a thickness of no more than 50 mm and do not rise above the pipes above 20mm bay of the screed, let it dry. After pouring the screed, your warm floor from heating, ready for further transformations, laying tiles, laying a parquet board, laying laminate, laying linoleum. The only thing, do not score nails into the warm floor and do not tighten the screws because you can pierce the pipes.

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