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Infrared sources of heating

All infrared sources of heating are divided into two main groups: gas and electric. The former are used for heating non -residential premises, respectively, the latter, for residential. In turn, according to the type of heating element, electric IR heaters are divided into carbon, ceramic and heating.

Since during combustion, gas emits substances harmful to the human body and burns oxygen, gas heaters have found use in non -residential premises. However, gas IR heaters are more economical and allow you to serve large areas of the premises without large costs, so they have found use for heating production facilities. By winter, do not forget to tidy up the stairs.

IR heaters by type of placement are divided into ceiling, floor and wall. Moreover, each of them has an excellent heating quality. Compared to other types of heaters, wall -mounted have significant weight, this is their main difference. Ceiling IR heaters are additionally equipped with control panels at distance, since direct access is problematic to them. Floor heaters are equipped with fire protection and control systems.

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