Installation of a bath

Day earlier, we have prepared a place for installing a bath. The tile was laid on the floor.   Put with a small bias so that moisture falling under the bath does not accumulate there. Since our bath is a little longer (the bathtub was purchased specially so that there was no question then how to fill the gap between the bathroom and the wall) than the size of the room, the walls were made in the walls. It so happened that our bath is slightly drowned into the walls on the ends. Preparing a place for installing a bath on this ends.

We proceed to the preparation of the bath itself.

Unlike the installation of the shower, the installation of the bath is faster and easier. Here it is necessary to collect and install a drain siphon, fasten chrome handrails and fix the legs. The drain siphon is going simply, the main thing is not to forget to put rubber seals. Also for more confidence in the durability of the connections, you can additionally use silicone. To do this, smear the rubber gasket on both sides, and until the silicone froze, collect the connection, tightly tightening it.

Now put the legs. You can of course and vice versa, put the legs, and then the siphon. I’m just so used to doing. There are two types of legs installation, they either grin or glue. You can of course put a brick pedestal pedestal under the bath, but if you need space under the bathroom, then the legs are better. Although the pedestal is more reliable.

Okay, let’s go further. Since our bath is not cast -iron, but iron, we will have to insulate the bathtub a little so as not to cool so quickly. Mounting foam is perfect for this. Having moistened slightly a bath with water, we blow it with mounting foam from all sides. Make such a warm thermos for ourselves, and leave the foam to freeze. To do this, you need 4 large cylinders of the mounting foam. The foam will also lower the noise level from the water jet running from the mixer. (Yes, by the way, modern bath manufacturers produce not only cast -iron and iron baths, there are also bathtubs from acrylic. Which one is better and suitable for you? How to choose a bath.)

Installation of a bath.

That’s basically it. Having made all these non -tricky preparations, you can start a process called the installation of a bath. When you put it in your place, do not forget to set the bath in level. The slope, for a better drain, you do not need to lay it, it is laid in the design of the bath. By connecting the bath to the sewer, check the tightness of the joints. You need to check not only drain, but also overflows of the bath. Close the plug and type the bath so that the water flows through the overflow. If it does not flow, open the plug and drain the bath with a complete pressure. If there are no leaks, then you coped with the task of installing the bath.

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