Installation of a wall gas boiler

Recently, more and more people living in apartments began to abandon central heating services. This is not surprising, firstly, the quality of the services provided by city heating systems does not correspond to the value charged for them. Frequent accidents that occur due to old equipment do not allow residents of apartments to live in warm rooms calmly. Here are people and set individual heating. I will try to help you if you do not independently install a wall -circuit boiler, then at least give you an idea of ​​what you have to encounter.

Installation begins with the choice of installation location. When the location was determined with the place of its dislocation, you need to start punching the holes under the chimney. I am not a supporter of connecting a chimney to an existing exhaust channel, even if you can do it according to the norms, it can be, somewhere it is clogged and will not provide normal work. Good traction in the chimney, this is the key to the economical and safe operation of a wall gas boiler. That’s exactly what, I recommend that you break through a new exhaust hole not mediocre through the wall to the street.

The installation of a wall gas boiler is performed on anchor bolts or hooks. After the boiler has already settled in its place, the hood is going. Usually it is a set of pipes and turns to them. When the hood is collected, you can close the hole in the wall, blow it with foam, and when the mounting foam dries, fill it with a cement mortar.

The installation of a wall gas boiler also implies the connection of heating highways, if it is a double -circuit boiler, then cold and hot water supply. Here I will dwell only on the fact that a filter of coarse water cleaning is necessary on the heating highway so that the dirt from the batteries does not fall into the boiler. Equip the boiler with cutting off cranes so that in case of repair of the boiler, you do not have to drain the entire heating system.

About the electric part, so everything is simple here. The gas boiler is connected directly to the outlet. It makes sense to take care of protecting the boiler from stress jumps. Either install a small voltage stabilizer, or an electronic automatic machine that triggers to increase and lower the voltage (with large voltage surges, it will stop supplying electricity to the boiler).

The installation of a wall gas boiler ends with a test, checking it in operation. It is necessary to fill the system with water, the filling of the system usually occurs through the reverse heating line. In modern double -circuit wall -mounted boilers, the system filling crane is located in the boiler, there is also a pressure gauge for pressure control in the system. The pressure in the system should be approximately 1, 5bar. If you get through with pressure, then the boiler will automatically drop it, through a special reset valve. Keep in mind that as the water is heated in the system, the pressure will also rise, to gather the water on the bottom of the pressure limit.

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