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Installation of an electric meter in the apartment

At first glance, the installation of an electric meter may seem difficult, but in fact it is not. Before starting installation, you just need to put the performance of work. First, it is necessary to install the meter in a certain place, after which it will be seen how the wiring should be carried out.

Perhaps installation can be made in several ways, the most optimal of them is that it takes less than the wire, even if such an option requires drilling a through hole in the wall. To connect the meter, four housing cable or wire is required, you can lay two two -wire wires, the cross section should not be less than 2. 5 mm. It will be best to break through the channel directly in the wall, lay the wire in it and smear it, then the wire will be reliably protected from accidental damage and the view in the apartment will be better, unlike, if you lay the wire in the cable channel, although this option will be easier. The connection scheme for all single-phase meters is the same, the first contact is the input for the phase, the second is the input for the mass, the wires coming from the apartment are connected to the third and fourth. The phase is easy to determine using indicator screwdriver, it is easy to find the correspondence between the third and fourth contacts: it is easy to unscrew the light bulb in the hallway to connect these wires to the counter and if the phase does not disappear in the cartridge when the switch is turned off, then the apartment wires on the electric meter should be replaced in places. It is unsafe to interrupt the zero on the switch, since when replacing the bulb can hit with electric shock, so it is necessary to do such an operation. You can combine the wires in the driveway, and if you connect the copper and aluminum wires, you must definitely tighten them with bolts or use special connecting blocks. To carry out such electrical installation work, you need a perforator, screws for attaching an electric meter, a hammer, a chisel for punching a canal in a wall and an indicator screwdriver, as well as cement or something similar for soaring a wire in the wall.

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