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Installation of interior arches

Many apartment owners try to change the decor of their apartment and replace the simple doorway with interior arches, which is an indispensable element of the interior decor of the apartment. If you make the correct installation and finish of the arch, this will give your doorway a visual increase, it will seem much wider, this allows you to achieve the effect of a larger space of the room.

Since it is correct to install interior arches, without attracting professional, but expensive specialists to this work? For work, you will need: interior arch; Construction tool: eclectic jigsaw, hammer, metal centimeter, pencil, tool for determining the direct installation of the arch; glue polyvinyl acetate.

Work on the installation of interior arches should begin with the assembly of the set itself. To do this, one arch of the arch should be put on the floor upwards not with a smooth side. Panel (plywood) sheet must bend and insert it into the groove of the arc. If your model of the interior arch has an upper decorative castle, in this case you must place a panel sheet so that its edges go abroad. In cases of the absence of a decorative castle, the sheet must coincide with the border of the end of the arc.

We measure the length of the arched opening we need. We mark with a pencil on the surface of the panel sheet the border for its entrance. We take out a panel sheet and, using a saw, remove excess material.

We assemble the entire arch of the interior arch according to the instructions described above in the text. The next step will be the assembly of the columns. We collect panels, each of these panels has a rack and the corresponding panels in its design, the number of which is equal to two, do not forget about decorative locks if they are provided. When installing columns under the arch of the arch, use the level. You can consider the installation of the interior arch of the completed.

We proceed to consolidate the main elements of the interior arch, which are collected in a single whole, and also fix the lower decorative locks. We measure the building level, are there any deviations and distortions. If any, it is necessary to correct and level the structure. This work must be done quickly so that the glue does not have time to dry out. The final step will be the removal of dust from the arch, dirt and remaining traces of glue. A wet rag will help us in this.

Do not allow errors, making the assembly and installation of the entire structure. Otherwise the work will not just remake. Most likely, you will need to purchase another arch and resort to the services of a specialist for its installation.

Using PVA glue in the work, you need to be extremely neat, do not fill a large amount of it in the grooves. The time of complete drying of the glue is equal to two days.

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