Installation of the surveillance system on their own

The security video system allows you to observe what is happening in the room remotely. The system is the following components: camera, cable, protective cap, monitor and power supply. It is necessary to make sure that the ceiling in a place intended for the installation of video surveillance is plasterboard. Then you should disassemble the safety cap, disconnecting the bottom. You must press the bottom tightly to the ceiling, the opposite cover. The bottom of the cap is screwed to the surface of the ceiling using a screwdriver and screws.

If the ceiling is assembled from individual plates, it is easiest to remove one of them and, using a pen drill, drill holes for cables in it. After that, you can install the bottom of the cap, as described above. The central opening of the bottom should coincide with the hole you made in the plate.

The camera is mounted to the bottom using fasteners included. When installing it, it should be deployed in the right direction.

Next, it is required to carry out a cable from the camera to the place where it is supposed to install the power supply and the monitor. Choose a cable consisting of two twisted steam with colored wires. The cable must be stretched through special boxes or draws above the ceiling (on the wrong side of the ceiling slabs). He must pass through the hole of the plate you removed or through the side hole of the bottom from the protective cap.

One of the two twisted pairs should be connected between the camcorder wire and its power supply, the other should be connected between the common wire and the video output. This can be done using a terminal (included in the kit). Do not forget to write down where you connected certain wires.

After that, the camera can be closed with a protective cap with a lid so that its lens and the transparent section of the lid coincide. The cable designed to power the video camera is connected at the installation site of the monitor through the stabilized power supply (its output voltage should be 12 V). The overall wire of the device is connected to the negative output of the power supply, and the opposite with a positive.

Then you need to decide on the second twisted pair. The wire connected to the common wire of the video camera must be connected to the ring contact of the RCA fork, and the one that is responsible for the transmission of the video signal to the pin.

After that, the fork connects to the monitor. Monitor and power supply are connected to the mains. Check the presence and quality of the image. If necessary, change the angle of inclination of the video camera and make additional settings.

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