Interior in the style of techno

The fundamental idea of ​​the interior in the style of techno is the maximum functionality of the objects surrounding the person, together using modern materials, which should be present everywhere, starting the decoration of the room to various accessories.

On most people, the interior in the style of techno makes an indelible impression. Brickwork, pieces of metal and glass – all this forms a single whole. Housing, decorated in this style, is immediately associated with factory workshops, warehouses and repair hangars.

This sensation is quite natural, because such a style involves the active use of deliberately gross textures and forms that emphasize the dynamism and technology of the surrounding space.

Interior design, made in the style of techno, is largely similar to minimalism and hi-test. Elements of glass, metal and plastic are also used here, as well as air structures resembling technical structures. All communications, such as ventilation, wiring and pipes, remain unprotected, not hidden, because they are an integral part of the interior. Their surface can be beautifully designed with transparent plastic or glass screens, as well as various colors.

As for furniture for techno-house, it should also be special. The wardrobes used in the locker rooms act as storing wardrobes, steel safes play the role of nightstands, and chairs are made of trunks of pipes and thick wire. Shelves, partitions and other decor elements are made of perforated or corrugated metal. Some decorative elements can be made of colored plastic.

The style of techno can use upholstered furniture, because any person loves comfort. As a rule, at the same time it is represented by low chairs and sofas with steel elements. Upholstery of upholstered furniture should be painted in the colors of Bordeaux, metallic or khaki. The exception is chairs that can be made of bright colorful plastic.

Another characteristic feature of the interior in the style of technology is the active use of a large number of lighting equipment, which is easily transforming using hinged systems and tripods. Reflected in metal and glass, the light makes the interior bewitching and mysterious. The shape of the lamps should be elongated, and they themselves should be made of matte glass, which will allow you to perfectly convey the harmony of human living space and modern technologies.

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