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Interior of your own apartment: what to consider?

Quite often, the residents who decide to start repairs arise, the question arises about what style, color, materials, furniture to choose for decoration of the room. With the current diversity, it is not easy to make a choice. First of all, it is worth deciding for yourself what effect should be achieved as a result of the work. At the top of popularity today is the interior in Chinese or Japanese style.

A feature of these styles is the desire for natural harmony, natural materials and colors when decorating the interior. Therefore, this option is suitable for people who dream to relax, relax. For lovers of travel and extreme sensations, Safari’s style will like the style. It is characterized by the presence in the interior of animal skins, weapons.

For lovers of bright juicy colors, avant -garde style is suitable, connoisseurs of a calm lifestyle in a rustic style – country. For admirers of oriental culture, an Arab style with traditional eastern patterns, a minimum set of furniture and expensive fabrics will be a successful choice. And if you could not choose the right style, the classic style would be a win -win option. Calm colors, traditional furniture and small details of the interior, which can be periodically changed, playing with a common style solution – these are the main features of the classical style.

Wall mural in the interior

Wall murals are a large pattern depicting various landscapes, large cities, animals, plants. It can be mountains, waterfalls, sea, forest, night Paris, New York, animated heroes and much more. Now they produce fabric, vinyl, non -woven, washing murals. All of them allow you to visually increase the space of the room, as well as plunge into the world of the beautiful.

If desired, such wallpapers can be ordered to the manufacturer by providing their sizes and other preferences (material, drawing, image quality), and there are already finished drawings. The plots of such wallpaper are so diverse that it will not be difficult to choose them under absolutely any interior. For the bedroom, for example, landscapes or an abstract pattern are suitable.

In the children’s room you can glue wallpaper with the image of your favorite heroes of cartoons and fairy tales. Wallpaper with the image of nature and city landscapes will look good in the living room. In addition to walls, murals can be pasted over any other even surface, such as a door, a cabinet, a table, glass, etc. D.

When creating photo wallpaper, special technologies for printing drawings are used, as a result of which the image retains its bright color for many years.

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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