Interior veneered doors: economical and stylish

The assortment of the proposed interior doors today is more than wider. Traditionally appreciated doors from a wood array. But they are dear and do not always meet the technical requirements for a specific room.

A widespread doors are a worthy and indispensable alternative to wooden doors. And to be just fair, it should be noted that at present the doors with a wobble trim are by no means an economy-and-free door from a wood array, but a legal leader in the demand of customers. The price is noticeably lower, and the quality and appearance is outside the complaints.

The secret of the production of veneered interior doors is that their canvas is made of inexpensive wood (usually from coniferous wood), then the strengthening connecting layer (usually from MDF or chipboard) is applied, and, finally, the upper layer, called the “veneer “. And it is already produced from noble wood of valuable species. And this upper layer, visible to our eye, looks as respectable as the surface of completely wooden doors. Complex distilled design solutions, interesting threads, a variety of glass inserts, inlay, etc. D. – All this even more helps to improve the appearance of interior veneered doors.

In addition, the veneered doors have a lot of pluses and in operation.

They are so unpretentious that they behave perfectly in places where they are often opened and closed, and even clap them, and where moisture often accumulates on them, that is, in corridors, halls, toilets, bathrooms.

They easily restore their original presentation: they are perfectly washed, traces of scratches are easily removed from them.

Apparently, thanks to all this, visiting specialized stores, we are increasingly prefer this option for reliable and beautiful interior doors. And they never disappoint us.

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