Interior with male character

Distinctive features of a real man – respect for himself, responsibility, self -sufficiency – give rise to the features of the situation in the room. There is always a sufficiently restrained flavor without variegation, the room is not overloaded with decor and bright accessories. At the heart – practicality and convenience.

Residential premises with a “male” character can have the features of the Romanesque style. Pompousness is combined there with some rudeness – walls may contain interspersed from large, pristine stones, bulky countertops and an old tree decoration for a fireplace. Men like forged details or bronze elements, small plastic of stone as accessories. The main features are design and cold. In everyday life, men try to simplify everything, so in their apartments there are a lot of useful and functional. They prefer to buy an electric meat grinder so that it simplifies cooking. This is a very convenient and necessary thing in the household. Electromyazhoiska works very accurately and quickly: you will get excellent minced meat in a few minutes, and cutlets from it will fly in a moment.

There is a danger in male types of interior. You can not let children into such rooms and leave them unattended. The abundance of glass and metal inspire a feeling of fear and unreliability with which men successfully fight. However, this does not mean that it is uncomfortable to live in such a room. On the contrary, for men such an interior is the most pleasant. Absolutely everything is thought out there, and most importantly – there is nothing superfluous to hang under the feet. This is what distinguishes men’s rooms, from female, full of trinkets.

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