Interpretation of minimalism in Japanese

The search for extraordinary ideas, the embodiment of which should contain not only rational thoroughness, but also the practical functionality of the objective world and the subtlest poetry of textures and forms – all this, often, is closely connected with the desire to create the maximum reality of living space. In itself, the design of the interior of this room did not imply any ambitious manners and solutions, no unnatural elaboration.

Only ideas for the logical transparency of the planning of the space of the premises and the organization of convenient functional zones to ensure the maximum comfort of the hosts should have been implemented here. Located at both levels of the apartment, the zones are united by a single rhythm of a unique staircase structure, which itself represents a masterpiece object of architectural and design art, filling thoughts definitely with a hi-teced content of the chrome surface of metal elements and dynamic lighting, pouring from under the glass mounted in the glass of glass.

The mixture of styles here is emphasized by the stairs, elegant gizmos, shouting about their belonging to oriental culture and everyday life. In principle, such a delicate combination of styles, solutions and principles finds its continuation in the united zone of the dining room and kitchen, as well as in the guest part of the apartment. The all kinds of variety of transparent surfaces equipped with the aim of passing and reflecting the maximum amount of natural light provides a truly unlimited opportunity to experiment with spatial boundaries and lines.

An extraordinary sensation of the ephemeral lightness of space has been achieved here due to many glass structural interspersed, which, in turn, extremely increase the volume of rooms. Light, acting as the most mobile element in the interior of this apartment, gives access to a quick and easy change in the mood of the interior, thereby changing the mood of the owners themselves.

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