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Inversion roof, which will give you warmth and comfort in the house

Inversion roof is not a traditional option, in other words the roof itself looks quite usually, but the waterproofing layer is located under a layer of insulation and lays straight on the base of the roof.

When using such roofs, thermal insulation is influenced by natural conditions, and mechanical exposure also affects it, so the isolation material should withstand these phenomena. Thermal insulation slabs should absorb humidity, resist the sharp changes in temperature, withstand mechanical influence and protect the waterproofing layer for a long time for a long time.

The advantages of this type of roof are that the waterproofing will be protected from temperature differences, from constant thawing and freezing, from the effects of sun rays and from mechanical pressure. Waterproofing is also less used, for the simple reason that there is a thermal insulation layer, and the waterproofing layer acts as a vapor barrier, which largely reduces the risks of condensation and reducing the cost of the structure performed.

If the roof is dismantled, heat insulation slabs can be used again. If the installation is not carried out by specialists, and the roof leak arose, the area of ​​violation of the waterproofing layer can be easily found and solved by this problem.

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