Island in the kitchen

The island in the kitchen (the English version of Kitchen Island) is a separate working surface, taken beyond the traditional space of the kitchen set, which performs several useful functions, such as additional working or dining rooms, or convenient storage places. The device of the island is justified and possibly only in those kitchens that have a good area, otherwise the place to turn around in the kitchen will simply not be. The decision to make the island can transform your old cuisine, give it a new life and dynamics, if you only ordered a new headset, then this will emphasize your taste and love of functionality and originality.

The advantages of such an interior move are obvious – the kitchen with the island is significantly more convenient and practical, both due to its height and due to dimensions. It can be used as a dining table, to analyze shopping after shopping, as a working area when cooking. The island seems to unload the surface of the headset and dining table from all superfluous, organizing order in the kitchen. Often, equipment is built into the island, and the hood is mounted above it. Breaking all stereotypes, you can even place a sink for dishes or dishwasher in the island. Such a solution is quite laborious in an ordinary apartment, because the layouts are almost never intended for such design moves, but if you have a private house and you are repairing it, then think through this option in advance.

In addition to functional amenities, the island has other methods of application, an apart from which there is storage of various things that are so necessary in the kitchen. It can be stored in food that does not require freezing or cooling, although even a refrigerator or freezer can easily be built into the island. Collectors can use it to store expensive wines and other drinks. For Russia, the issue of storage of summer preparations is very relevant, the island for these purposes is perfect – jam and compotes will be safely stored inside it.

As you have already noticed, the island was simply created in order to break all the available stereotypes about the kitchen, so be sure to think about it when creating a layout of an apartment or at home to pleasantly surprise your guests and enjoy yourself when visiting the kitchen.

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