Japanese style interior

Interest in the culture of the East can manifest itself in various ways. For example, you can try to arrange a living room in a Japanese style. Thus, it will not only correspond to the latest trends in the design world, but will also become more comfortable.

Now very popular partitions from tempered glass. Since such partitions are practical and fit perfectly into the interior. Office partitions from Ami Group are inexpensive, the strength of the tempered glass partitions is very high.

First, it must be emphasized that the main essence of the interior in the Japanese style lies in its simplicity and naturalness. Such a design suggests that the home should be in a close relationship with nature. Accordingly, and all materials for the decoration of the room should be selected, focusing on this rule. At the same time, the house itself is divided into special functional zones, not rooms. This is done through the use of screens, almost weightless partitions, as well as curtains. For design, mainly light shades are used, for example, dairy, cream or beige. They make the interior more comfortable. As for furniture, you can buy straw tatami. They will serve both the bed and the floor. In addition, tatami have the ability to adjust the room and humidity in the room. They are made exclusively from natural materials, and therefore will not harm health. Nevertheless, additional accents in the home can be made from bamboo, rice paper, uneven brick and straw.

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