Laying a parquet board

A worthy alternative to all the well -known parquet floor is a parquet board. This floor covering first appeared on the market in the 50s of the last century, the Tarkett company has a patent for the manufacturing technology of the parquet board.

The parquet board has a number of advantages, a significant advantage is that it takes much less time to care for the floor, which is laid out by this coating than parquet. However, all the advantages will come to naught if you incorrectly lay a parquet board.

Most often, a parquet board is laid by a swimming method, which is most convenient and practical. This method of laying this building material is as follows: first, a special thin substrate is mounted, on which the boards are then fixed and connected to each other. Laying a parquet board can be carried out by gluing a ridge into a groove or using a “click system” with a special “lock” connection. The implementation of this procedure by the specialists of laying a parquet board will not take much time and for this you do not even need to remove the furniture completely, which, you see, is very convenient.

It is also worth considering that when laying a parquet board, a plastic film is first laid on a screed, then a pressed cork or leaf polyethylene is spread on it. Joints can be glued in two ways: glue is applied either to the bottom of the groove or, without affecting the races of the boards or the bottom of the groove, on both sides.

Be sure to leave the gaps between the edge of the parquet board and the wall, this will allow the floor not to deform under the influence of humidity and temperature. In case of damage to a separate floorboards, replacing it will not take over an hour, because the disassembly of the “floating floor”, especially on the castle connection, is not particularly difficult. Even in the case of moving, you can easily pick up the flooring with you and lay the floor in a new house. The Bestelae method of laying a parquet board leads to the formation of a sufficiently strong floor, temporary cracks in the parquet board will not form.

The adhesive method of laying a parquet board has already been tested by time, as it has appeared for a long time. The technology of the adhesive method is that the board and base glue. It is clear that the basis should be given a lot of attention: the screed should be perfectly flat, it is advisable to lay a thin film for the best hydro and vapor barrier. The adhesive method of laying a parquet board is not so common than a floating method, but also allows you to carry out work quickly and efficiently.

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