Laying tiles

Laying tiles is an important, or even most important process when repairing such rooms as a bathroom, toilet, kitchen and so on.

The process of laying tiles should be taken seriously, because if you make a mistake, then in the future the tile will not perform its direct functions. Namely to protect the walls and floor from water, moisture and so on. Before you start laying tiles on the floor, it is necessary to align its surface, that is, you need to make a screed. For this, it is best to use a cement solution.

If you plan to lay tiles directly on the walls, then they should also be even. If the wall is slightly curved, then it is also necessary to align them with a solution of cement, preferably with the addition of gypsum. Remember, gypsum usually dries for several minutes, so dilute a small amount of solution and try to apply and leve the solution to the curved area of ​​the wall as soon as possible. It is not recommended to align the walls with putty, since its clutch with the wall is not strong enough, and in the future, as a result of this, the tile may fall off with a layer of putty.

After you have leveled the walls and floor, it’s time to start laying tiles. And so, we apply a pre -divorced glue to the non -front side of the tiles with a special gear spatula and press it to a slightly soaked wall or floor. We repeat the same with other tiles, not forgetting to insert special plastic crosses between them.

When the glue dries, you can gently pull out the crosses, and cover the cracks between the tiles with a special grout, which is applied using a rubber spatula. Когда затирка высохнет ее излишки можно убрать влажной тряпкой.

It is worth knowing that if you put tiles on the floor, you should start from the side that is opposite the entrance to the room. This is necessary so that you do not have to walk along the not yet dried tiles, and do not violate its integrity.

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