Lighting in the kitchen

It has long been noticed that correct and harmonious lighting in the kitchen positively affects not only the general decoration of the room, but also helps to normalize digestion and appetite. Lighting is an integral element of the interior of the kitchen, along with finishing materials and furniture. It is important to remember in order to achieve harmony in the kitchen and make high -quality decoration, do not illuminate this room using a lonely chandelier located in the middle of the ceiling – a creative approach is needed here.

Professional rooms of premises distinguish several varieties of lighting – the upper and general. The main purpose of the upper lighting in the kitchen is to replace the daily light level in the dark. As a rule, this is achieved thanks to a conventional chandelier that has several lamps, but do not neglect the lamps installed in different parts of the kitchen and are responsible for the lighting of certain sections of the room. If you live in a country house and the kitchen is on the top floor, then a very unusual option for creating the upper lighting in the kitchen will be a wide window on the ceiling, though it will be useless in the dark. General lighting of the kitchen involves the use of a set of lighting devices in the room, which provide uniform distribution of light throughout the room. For such an option, it is customary to use chandeliers, numerous lamps and sconces that will not leave a single dark place in your kitchen. Of course, this method of illumination cannot be called economical – the energy consumption is noticeable and far from everyone is pocket, but the harmony and enthusiasm that arise in a person who has entered such a kitchen is worth it. Electricity consumption can be significantly reduced using economical incandescent lamps, which produce enough light, and do not require significant financial costs. Choosing the location of lighting devices in the kitchen should even before the start of repair and finishing work in the room – this is due to the fact that it is necessary to pre -determine the location of the cooking and eating site, where the light level should be higher than in the rest of the kitchen. It is important not to overdo it with the intensity of lighting in the kitchen – the light should be soft and not blind, otherwise neither you nor your guests will like to be and meal in such a room.

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