Living room in a small apartment

Zoning and layout by its definition, the living room is intended for joint pastime by the whole family, reception of guests, meetings with friends, in general, all that is connected with communication. About the essence, this is a premises for being in your apartment, but what if the area of ​​the apartment is small, a family of several people, and it is desirable that each of them has a personal room (parents have one room for two, of course)? In this case, it is necessary to perform the correct zoning of the premises of the apartment, and combine the functional purpose of some of them. So, for example, there are the following, most popular, options for functional associations of rooms: a living room (a room plays the role of both the bedrooms of parents and living rooms, one of the most common options for families with children), a living room and dining room and dining room. in one space), a living room-room (design in the living room of the work area). The most non -standard option for the synthesis of functionality is the unification of the living room and the nursery, but it is extremely rare, t. To. For a child, there is no opportunity for a good rest, study and creativity.

The living room-bundle can be zoned by the following options: the sofa located in the room can play the role of the bed directly, or the recreation area is released separately, for example, using light-spray partitions, or it is installed on the mounted podium (with the functional purpose of storage of things). The living room-kitchen can be made with the separation of the kitchen and living room with a bar, furniture or partitions (from glass blocks, brick, drywall). It looks very cool, the room is visually spacious and the functionality distinction line can be traced quite strictly. The living room is perhaps the easiest way to combine the functions of several rooms in one room. To do this, it is enough to place the sofa, or chairs, a coffee table on which, if necessary, you can put a laptop, lay out papers, documents, etc. D.

Approach the zoning of the living room slowly and thoughtfully, especially in the case of small apartments, because then each square meter should be on the account.

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