Investments in the state

Load room in the apartment.

In old apartments, which were built during the Soviet Union, there is very often such a small room, which is located in the sleeping or in the hall. It looks like this is usually on the pantry. If you finally decide to make major repairs with redevelopment, then you need to destroy it. The fact is that before such places were allocated to store empty cans, conservation, and the like things. Today, people are no longer engaged in households in such a volume, respectively, this room will only occupy a place in your apartment. If you have a room of the wrong size, and deleting this element of construction, you will have an unused space, then you, in the place of a destroyed pantry, need to make a modern wardrobe. This is a very profitable option, since it will not occupy a place, and it will be very useful.

However, there is another option on how to get rid of the pantry. You can not ruin anything, but make a dressing room from this room. It is very fashionable in our time, when all rooms associated with household affairs are separated, and many women probably have repeatedly dreamed that they had a whole room with clothes. This is a great moment to realize all your desires.

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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