Loud talk about sound insulation

It is never worth neglecting the issue of noise insulation device, especially in a new building, where every day someone makes repairs in their new apartment. Moreover, for example, in panel houses, you can hear someone else’s punch for several floors from your apartment. You may simply not be lucky with your neighbors who will often make you go up to yourself after 23:00 and sort things out and find out the relationship. That is why, in our opinion, it is better to pay for comfort once than to live in full helplessness to influence the situation.

The most nasty case is the shock noise transmitted by the structures of the house: ceilings, walls. It will be difficult to get rid of such a noise, and it is caused by the most ordinary household moments – a shear of furniture, children’s running, the sounds of the steps of neighbors. There are two main options – either you invite your neighbors to perform a “floating” floor at home, or isolate your room in full. The “floating” floor is performed according to a rigid mineral wool insulation designed for loads in residential premises, and a reinforced concrete slab arranged on it, up to 100 mm thick, along which the finishing floor will be performed. Complete insulation of the room includes cladding with the insulation of the entire perimeter of the room, and the frame for fastening the insulation should not be adjacent directly to the supporting structures of the house. The second option is much more expensive than the first, so you can offer your neighbors to perform a “floating” floor at your expense. However, in any case, isolation steals a precious space (5cm insulation, gypsum plating about 12, 5 mm, plus laying under the guides, totaling up to 8 cm around the entire perimeter).

Suppose you want to maintain the space in the most former form and area, and you are trying to find more subtle material for soundproofing walls, ceiling. Forced to upset you – thin materials do not save from noise, the maximum that they can, to save you from the sound of their neighbors from above. The whole essence of isolation is precisely in its “massiveness” – thicker isolation absorbs more noise. Therefore, you still have to donate to 8cm area on each side.

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