Massive board: how to choose the right?

It is far from a secret that one of the most durable, practical and environmentally friendly materials for the floor is a massive board, because it consists entirely of natural wood, unlike its associates – laminated parquet and parquet board.

A massive board is considered one of the types of set -out parquet, which is distinguished by the dimensions of its components. A massive board can reach 1, 2-2, 4 meters in length and about 10-15 centimeters in width, while its thickness, as a rule, is 18-22 millimeters.

Unlike planking ordinary floors, a massive board contains grooves and protrusions that allow a tight joint of boards with each other (which, in turn, positively affects the duration of the operation of this flooring). The thickness of the layer located between the front surface and the comb, called a useful layer, which is much larger in a massive board, in contrast to the set-bottom parquet (therefore, its service life is much longer).

Experts say that parquet from a massive board is the floor for centuries. Therefore, in order to forget about the “floor change”, it is necessary to properly lay such a board and properly care for it. In addition to the above advantages, the massive board looks good and thorough, looks luxurious. When ordering a large board, do not forget about the size of your room, which should be appropriate. Massive parquet is ideal for rooms such as billiard, fireplace, gym and ballroom hall. Visually stretch the room allows long and large boards, making the floor homogeneous. Naturally, all of the above does not at all mean that a massive board cannot be laid in other rooms, such as children’s or kitchen, but for a greater effect it is advisable to fully reckon with the expanse and level of illumination of the room.

The choice of the wealth of shades and colors of the parquet from a massive board does not end only on the natural color of the wood. Currently, the “aged floor”, which seemed to capture temporary prints, is very popular. This surface of wood is obtained using curettage, after which roughness and scuffs are formed on it. After the work done, the massive board is covered with oil or varnish and you can start laying.

A large number of variations of decoration and shades of a massive board allows you to effectively use this floor covering in almost any room. Thanks to its decorative qualities, the massive board will perfectly fit into the interior of almost any room. For example, a massive board inlaid with metal is more suitable for an interior in the Hi-Tech style (as a rule, bronze and brass are used for this technique). So, choosing the flooring for your home, in no case should you forget that it is at present that it is the massive board that is the most elite flooring, with which you will realize all your delights and preferences.

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