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Methods of combating pipelines corrosion

At the moment, pipelines used in the modern heating system are made of various materials. But all professionals still prefer copper and aluminum, as the main component of the pipe. This is due to the fact that copper pipes have good anti -corrosion ability, easy to install and gas -resistant. At the same time, aluminum radiators have high heat transfer, low weight and, like copper, are quite resistant to aggressive chemicals, including water.

Why are these two metal so stable? The fact is that an oxide film is created on their surface, which creates additional protection. And what is the chemical background of metals corrosion? Most often this is their oxidation and decay into oxides. There are several types of corrosion on the fight with which I would like to stop in more detail.

The first is general corrosion, which occurs when the stiffness of water changes in one direction or another. This species does not cause fistulas or cracks in the pipe, but reduces the life of its operation. To prevent this corrosion, the protective and insulating coatings of constant action, as well as inhibiting and deaeration of water are used.

The second view is galvanic corrosion caused by the combination of two heterogeneous materials in which electron flow occurs. To prevent it, the “flow rule” is used. For example, pipes made of aluminum, steel, zinc, should be located in front of copper. Or you need to use a special passive anode (magnesium).

And finally, local corrosion, which in turn is divided into ulcerative and pitting. Ulcerative is formed when using water that has not undergone special water treatment, as well as in violation of installation rules. Pitting corrosion is formed when the remains of the lubricants based on the hydrocarbons that are used in the production of pipelines are determined on the walls of the pipes. It is necessary to remove these technological impurities, and manufacturers, to eliminate such corrosion, are now switching to silicone lubricants.

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