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Mini-publics as optimal equipment for cleaning water bodies

Owners of land plots and specialists serving small reservoirs (from city fountains to private ponds), they know very well that such objects require constant care. Otherwise, reservoirs over time lose their original appearance, polluted, acquire unpleasant deposits, and water in them begins to bloom. Therefore, before making a time for the design of a mini-insier, you should think about the methods of its future cleaning.

The optimal remedy for harvesting bottom rainfall, silt, sand and other undesirable deposits from the bottom of both artificial and natural reservoirs are mini-publics, also referred to as a manual type treatment complex or mini-graters. Such designs are a set of compact small -sized pumps equipped with gasoline engines. Being installed on the serviced area, they are able to remove about 30 cubic meters of various deposits from the bottom of the reservoir in one hour of continuous work. Such equipment allows you to maintain a lake, a pond, a canal, a river in perfect condition, is compact and accessible, therefore it can be purchased even by a private user. Moreover, experts who have repeatedly received SRO to build such objects, note that with the help of mini-reservations, it is quite possible to strengthen the coastline, deepen the bottom and even care for the beaches. In addition, such a technique allows you to do all this without the involvement of excavators, industrial trawls, draloys and tractors. The only minus of mini-publics is small performance. In an hour, the installation can raise about 10-30 cubic meters. m precipitation.

Criteria for choosing mini-air for personal use

Before buying a structure to clean the reservoir of small area, you need to decide on the volume of work that it will have to perform. It is advisable to estimate the amount of precipitation at the facility and the maximum size of solid particles. It is also worth considering that all mini-lands are different from each other in performance and speed, dimensions and weight, have different diameters of the drain hoses.

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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