Mining and processing equipment

Today, the mining and mining industry is developing every day in terms of technological, as well as technical solutions. With the emergence and rapid development of IT technologies, a complete system of automation of work processes has become possible at such enterprises.

For productive activities aimed at materials such as crushed stone, coal, metal ore, as well as industrial minerals, it is very important to achieve high performance while maintaining the level of expenses by the minimum.

Safety and reliability in such industry are the most important factors of operational readiness, as well as profitability. It is not surprising that industrial equipment requires high -quality maintenance, because it provides work in the most difficult operating conditions.

The list of such equipment includes various technical nodes, among which there are dryers of a vertical and horizontal drum type, hydrocyclones, pumps, etc. There are also different types of crushers. They come in several types: hammer, rotary, jaw, shock. There are also types of crushers: a conical crusher, vertically-combined and others.

In turn, shock crushers are divided into series, C and in. For example, a series C is intended more rough crushing of various ores, refractory materials, and so on, and a series of in is more suitable for small crushing, through which you can get artificial sand. Such sand is widely used for the construction of highways, railways, as well as in the construction of hydroelectric power plants and various city facilities.

Pumps also require maintenance and service, as they are an integral part of the entire mining and enrichment production. Such equipment serves as a device for compulsory movement and separation of liquids from the extracted material, and regardless of the plane. There are also magnetic, thermal and vacuum pumps.

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