Modular construction

In the modern construction industry, modular construction took a strong position. At first, this construction technology has been used only in European countries for many decades, but today modular construction has become very popular in Russia.

The construction of any building is a responsible process that takes a lot of time, labor and means. The technology of modular construction of houses meets many modern requirements for the construction process. This is the speed of the construction of the building, this is a decrease in the costs of building materials, this is the fire safety of the building, it is also resistance to temperature extremes, it is protection from rodents and malicious insects. Modular structures also maintain heat well and are not exposed to moisture.

Due to the slight weight of the modular sections, there is no need to build a powerful foundation, which makes it possible to reduce costs by 12-18% of the total estimate of the total construction. To install the modular sections, any strong surface is suitable-whether it is asphalt or concrete or gravel-sand pillow.

Installation of modular structures can be made in a short period of time, measured by several weeks, or even days. Designs from modular sections are quite fireproof, when compared with wood buildings.

Modular houses can be insulated with any modern material intended for this purpose, and the degree of insulation depends on operating conditions. If you need to move such a structure, then you can easily do it by dismantling and collecting the modular design, while the functional and operational properties of the structure are preserved.

The use of modular construction technology makes it possible to build buildings all year round and under any weather conditions. You can operate a modular construction for 50-70 years without carrying out a major overhaul. When performing finishing work, you are the so -called “dirty” stages minimum.

If desired, you can very quickly build a country house or cottage, with a slight restriction – the building should not be higher the spirit of floors. There are no supporting walls in modular structures, which gives scope for your imagination when planning such a house.

Today, the technology of modular construction is confidently conquering the market.

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