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Multi -level drywall ceilings

Gypsum plasterboard finishing of ceiling ceilings in Russia has become enormous among masters and customers thanks to beautiful suspended structures, which in their horizontal construction have a variety of multi -stage relief structures. Now many designers quickly ennoble dull white ceilings with massive diverse solutions. At the same time, the butt changes of the floor slabs received a real chance of hiding without any wet putty work. It is time to talk about what exactly the multi -level plasterboard ceilings consist of, and how can you create them without the help of professionals yourself.

Typically, multi -level ceiling structures consist of the same prefabricated frames as most other designs based on drywall. Profiles allow you to use them unlimitedly, increase their strength and reliability. The very principle of constructing structures is the standard. Here is a construction from the guides to the connecting elements.

Profiles for multi -level structures

Here is the most common group of profiles for ceiling systems:

PN 28×27. This is a guide profile, compact and durable. It withstands a profile with the connecting function that is inserted into it, and at the same time also serves as a kind of limiter, as well as the basis for the entire structure.

PP 60×27. This is a connecting C-shaped profile. It is forming for the entire architectural composition of the ceiling with completely any number of levels.

In fact, the system of work of these two groups of profiles is so simple and at the same time brilliant that in fact it will not require you additional modifications or any additions. The only thing to note is that from time to time only fixing elements are improved and modernized, which simply make more perfect and convenient.

It is very important to note that all large manufacturers of drywall are always used only by proven technologies that correspond to GOSTs and SNiPs. But small companies and manufacturers produce not original products, which can be very different in their strength characteristics and parameters. The cost of the product occurs due to this, as a result, the consumer does not always receive high -quality drywall and concomitant products.


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