Natural latex mattress

To date, the production of unright mattresses involves very high requirements for the quality of materials. In addition, any material should be safe for health.

The fulfillment of its main function to the mattress ensures the correct degree of elasticity and durability. Compliance with these two parameters provides the correct and effective support of the spine of the sleeping. Also, an important indicator of the quality of the mattress is ventilation. This creates additional comfort during sleep.

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Natural latex is widely used as a material for filler mattresses. He belongs to the group of elastomers. Elastomers are such high molecular weight compounds capable of rapid recovery after great deformation, because the molecules of this material are twisted into a spiral. Latex is hydrocarbons, therefore it does not pose an environmental danger and does not emit any toxins.

Milky juice distinguished by some plants is a basic element in the production of natural latex. Most often, juice is obtained from the Brazilian gvei rubber tree. In general, “rubber” translates as “a tear of a tree”. Under the tears, in this case, it means that very milky juice that flows out when cutting the bark. The origin of this tree is considered the equatorial forest of South America. Material “rubber” has been known since the time of the ancient Aztecs who used it, for example, for the manufacture of rubber balls. And the Mayan tribe used latex when creating something like rubber shoes, dipping the feet in it.

At our time, this plant is found in tropical Asia (on the island of Sri Lanka, on the Malay archipelago, in Vietnam, as well as on the Malacca Peninsula). It is there that there are huge plantations of this Brazilian gvei. Also, Giveya grows in some countries of Africa, for example, in Liberia and Nigeria. But the lion’s share of latex is currently gathering in three large countries – Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia. By the way, it is in these countries that the production of natural latex mattresses is widely developed.

The instability of natural latex is its significant drawback – it begins to oxidize at room temperatures: with an increase, it becomes liquid and sticky, and when decreased, it hardens and becomes fragile. However, in the production of mattresses from natural latex, special additives are used, so you should not worry about its safety.

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