New bedroom without costs

Agree, sometimes I want to take all the old furniture and throw it away, go to the wall and disrupt all the wallpaper, radically change the layout of the entire room, rearranging everything in places. All this suggests that you are ready for changes in your apartment, but do not rush to change everything abruptly, because you can change the interior with “low blood”, without large investments – consider an example on the bedroom. The sleeping room is the most important room of the house, the most intimate place of the owners of the apartments, so it is obliged to have to comfort, calm and rest. And, perhaps, it is in it that you need to change everything to diversify in the first place, because a successful personal life is the key to the success of a person in general.

First of all, take out all the things from the room, turning the room into an absolutely empty room. So you can calmly evaluate everything, think over a new layout and zoning of the room. Do a general cleaning in the room (wash the floors and windows, wipe the walls and ceiling, wash the curtains and textiles) and return to the things that you carried out. Think about whether you need things that you removed, and if there weren’t any ones, it makes no sense to keep them at yourself. Leave only those things that are really important for you and having a certain value donated by dear people and causing pleasant memories.

If you all allow you to finish (plastered walls, wallpaper for painting), you can repaint in a new wall color, completely, or their individual fragments. This will radically change the mood in the room. Another option for “restyling” walls can be drawing on the walls, but it costs money, because a good artist will definitely take a fee for his services. True, there is an option to find an inexpensive or generally free master, with less experience, giving him his wall for drawing for portfolio. When we finished with the walls, we begin to gradually return all the cleaned things, but not to our place, but to a new “place of residence”. For example, if you had photos within the framework, then you can hang them on the wall, outweigh the shelves to another wall, change the position of the bed, etc. D.

At the end of all changes, add a couple of bright accents to the room – new curtains, a bedside rug or a cabinet, beautiful decorative pillows, picture. This will safely complement and refresh your updated interior.

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