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New generation of electric toothbrushes

No matter how to praise toothpasts and toothbrushes in advertisements, dentists still recommend: “Roll your mouth after each meal”. Yes, and you need to use the dental thread – the interdental space often remains clogged with food residues. So it turns out: toothbrushes are not bad, familiar and cheap. But how much can save on health, and your own teeth and gums, and, therefore, the stomach and intestines. After all, it was not without reason that the people said: “The more you chew, the more you live”. Therefore, chew with healthy teeth, and therefore you need to use the irrigators of the oral cavity – new devices that cleanse the dental space are much more efficient than the usual dental brushes.

Toothpaste is not needed here. And only water is required – pure drinking water, which will be washed in jettings of food and massage the gums. Moreover, now a large number of different models of the oral cavity have appeared, which indicates their further inevitable distribution – what you will do if they are really better than toothbrushes.

And now the new generation of oral irrigators is hydromagnetic irrigators. A new technology is used here, which allows you to increase the effect of using a hydromagnetic irrigator by almost half – by 60% of the effectiveness of the usual water irrigator of the oral cavity. This is due to the fact that here the water is magnetized and begins to have a number of additional properties that improve the effect of teeth brushing.

If you have a large family, you should think about buying a family irrigator of the oral cavity. It has several nozzles, including nozzles for the tongue, a narrow output in them is to rinse the periodontal pockets and a tank for a liquid with a volume of one liter well – there are quite a lot. Check whether it is possible to fix the family irrigator of the oral cavity on the wall, which will be very convenient to maintain space if there is a need for this.

Now a little about individual models. These are compact and very compact irrigators of the oral cavity. Everything is simple here: on the stand and an elegant device in one person there is an irrigator itself with a built -in liquid tank, which is in the handle. Such models occupy very little space, have several nozzles in the kit and work, as a rule, with the help of five power degrees. If you need to often transfer the irrigator of the oral cavity, then you can purchase a very small model that can fit in a small female handbag. And at the same time folds into a special leather cover for the convenience of storage during transportation.

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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