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New life “Khrushchev”

A large percentage of the country’s housing stock is made up of old houses – the so -called “Khrushchevs”. Living in such apartments is not very comfortable – small living space and also an unsuccessful layout, often there are no elementary amenities. Fortunately, if you wish, you can find a way out of this situation. The choice is yours: to stay in such conditions or to redevelop an apartment and improve your life conditions, make your home as comfortable and functional as possible.

If you decide to redevelop your “Khrushchev” then the first thing you need to do is create a redevelopment project that takes into account your wishes and acceptable building codes. The next stage is to take permission in ZhEK and BTI to legitimize your project. You can perform any internal work except the demolition of the supporting walls.

Any redevelopment should be started with the creation of a project in which you will see the final type of apartment after repair. If you plan to increase your useful living space, then you will have to remove the internal partitions, uniting a kitchen and a living room or a corridor and a living room at your discretion at your discretion. Experts do not recommend combining the living room with the kitchen. They have different purpose.

And if you all decided to do this, then it is advisable to leave, at least a conditional distinction, which can be made in the form of an arch or bar counter. Such a design solution will help to avoid the use of a traditional dining table, which also needs a space. The use of various flooring in the kitchen is linoleum, and in the living room – carpet, will allow you to emphasize and divide the room into the zones.

It is also possible to achieve the division of space into zones by using various interior items. This can be, for example, furniture, or carpet, lighting devices, bar racks are often used, which perform several functions at the same time – zoning space and are a dining table.

A small bathroom is a problem of Khrushchevs. An increase in the interior of the bathroom is achieved by demolition of the internal partition between the toilet and the bathroom. You can capture part of the corridor if the space allows. Then inevitably you have to build internal partitions.

Due to the fact that the bathroom is also redeemed, there is a need to transfer and bring water and sewer pipes. It is advisable to contact a specialist plumbing to perform these works. Remember that it is forbidden to place a toilet and a bathroom over the kitchen or living rooms of apartments located below.

I would like to recall once again that you are not fond of and not demolished the load -bearing walls when redevelopment, as it is dangerous for your housing and for neighboring apartments. Therefore, it is also better to contact specialists who will advise you, and determine which category your internal partitions belong to. Also pay attention to where you have gas pipes and a ventilation system, so as not to accidentally break them and not damage them, and even more so not to pierce.

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