New life of your old upholstered furniture

Puffing or full restoration is a fairly laborious process and most often it can be more difficult than the production of the same furniture. Despite this, recovery will cost you much cheaper. This method implies not only the replacement of the upholstery, but also the replacement of those details that, according to the master, will also soon fail, the entire internal filler will also change. The frame is partially strengthened or completely changes (if there is a need for it). If desired, you can change the design of furniture: the configuration of the seats, the shape of the armrests and the pattern of the screed on the backs. As a result of such a comprehensive repair, it seems to be a completely new furniture that meets all the aesthetic and ergonomic requirements of its owner. And it will last a long time.

During the repair, you must be careful. When removing cover material and external upholstery, additional defects should not appear that will make you do extra work. Covers should not be damaged either because the upholstery for your new furniture will be made later. In the market that provides materials, you can find a wide variety of fabrics (alcantara, tapestry, jacquard, book and so on), while they all have different types of textures and colors. When choosing fabric, it is necessary to be guided by its operational characteristics, which must comply with the standards of furniture production. Distinguish natural and chemical fabrics. The most common – natural fabrics are made of wool and cotton. And chemical fiber can be divided into artificial and synthetic. Synthetic include polyester (polyester, lavsan), polyacrylonitric (nitron) and polyamide (nylon, kapron). Today, a draper fabric made of whole cotton has gained popularity. When selecting upholstery fabric, pay attention to the fact that it would stretch well and could withstand fastening with nails. It is best to buy upholstery, which is treated with a finishing muddy spray. In order to save money when decorating, use part of cheaper material. Place it in those areas with which will be the least in contact, for example, on the side parts of the armrests.

Do not rush to throw out old furniture, because she can always return the original appearance.

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