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New products in the field of construction technology

To date, there are building materials in the construction services market that are already popular with consumers., Despite the fact that in the market they are considered more novelties.. Customers note their quality, attractive appearance and diversity, which is important for the implementation of building fantasies. Builders include color brick, colored solution and porcelain tile to popular new items of the year.

Compared to the time when we are accustomed to buildings made of red or white brick, today the eyes are pleasantly pleasing to the variety of colors and shades of construction brick. Today a brick is very popular, which imitates the colors and textures of natural stone.

In order to create colored brick, they use pure components in environmental terms. In the manufacturing technology, the following types of colored brick are distinguished: textured, completely painted, and brick, having a metal -polymer surface.

In the technology of manufacturing of fully colored brick, cases are excluded when different shades appear in the sites. Its original color is preserved for a very long time, without the appearance of various spots, therefore it is recognized as very practical. Textured brick is used to decorate high -rise buildings. A brick with a metal -polymer coating is highly durable when exposed to high and low temperatures. Such a brick is expensive, but its coating can imitate any texture, even granite and marble.

A color solution is enjoying great success in construction. Its color scheme is quite wide and it is able to make any building outwardly unique and beautiful. Color solution is obtained by mixing white cement with the addition of colored minerals. Due to this, on its surface does not appear over time of traces of salts, as is the case with the usual solution.

Porcelain tiles also belongs to new products among building materials, it has a very high hardness and is able to withstand the load on a fracture of half a ton, and for a long time to maintain its original appearance. It is almost impossible to damage porcelain tiles, this requires material, which is similar in terms of hardness with a diamond. In addition, porcelain stoneware is waterproof and frost -resistant, this allows you to use it as finishing material both outside the premises and indoors with high humidity. Moreover, it withstands the effects of alkalis and acids. Porcelain stoneware has a smooth surface and belongs to the category of environmentally friendly materials, fungi and bacteria never appear on it, and it is quite easy to clean.

Porcelain stoneware is outwardly very refined and neat, so the room, which is trimmed with its help, is particularly comfortable and comfortable.

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