Nuances of production and use of waterproofing

Any production, one way or another, must comply with safety precautions, and therefore not a single structure or room can do without waterproofing. High -quality waterproofing today is a rare phenomenon. The main feature of good waterproofing is the durability and quality of its production. For the production of waterproofing, the latest technologies are used in the waterproofing industry.

When waterproofing, you must first think about the safety of those who will operate it. It can be metro tunnels, large enterprises, or just private houses or even heating systems where the heat accumulator is used. Constant testing of new materials in practice can draw conclusions about the quality of waterproofing material and its capabilities in extreme situations.

Waterproofing production is a responsible process, since the protection of the future structure depends on the quality of the material. We are trusted by many construction organizations that in practice have evaluated the quality of our waterproofing materials.

Recently, dry mixtures that are flexible and plastic compounds, bitumen mastics and plasticizers have been used for the production of waterproofing, as well as producing powder waterproofing.

Powder waterproofing is used in cases where waterproofing is necessary promptly. This waterproofing is temporary, as it is very susceptible to mechanical damage.

Powders are diluted in percentage of water and resembles plaster in its appearance, if the waterproofing is broken in one place, then there will be a need for its integral replacement, which is why constant waterproofing material should be prepared during the action of the action of powder waterproofing.

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