On the device of the surface drainage

Already at the time of the project, as well as when erecting any structure, it is necessary to lay the water disposal system. Its main task is to ensure the protection of the foundation of the building from stormwater and other types of coating on the site, as well as the territory adjacent to it. In the presence of a properly designed drainage, the period of operation of the premises increases significantly and the cost of repairing.

When compiling a water disposal scheme, many details should be thought out, taking into account the features of the relief and soil, the presence of groundwater, the number of floors in the building, the degree of intensity of traffic of transport, as well as the presence of the ability to connect to the system of general storm sewers.

It does not matter whether commercial development is planned or the project of individual residential premises is being developed, it is necessary to take into account the cost of the water disposal system, but the degree of planned load. As for the surface drainage, the removal of excess moisture is possible by installing the system of point rain receivers and trays.

In order to organize a drainage system from the surface, it is advisable to use drainage plastic trays with a grate, the functions of which are alternative to the functions of concrete gutters. They are made of high -quality polypropylene and a number of additives. This provides a high degree of resistance to various types of precipitation and sunlight.

The use of such trays is advisable in those places in which the largest load will be on the coating. As for the depth, it will be determined based on the planned volume of water. Due to the presence of a docking system, a high degree of reliability of fastening is ensured and increased protection against all kinds of shifts is provided.

In addition to its main function, the surface drainage ensures the prevention of soil erosion, and also prevents the occurrence of the closing effect and contributes to the harmonious development of the root system of plants located on the site. In winter, it helps to get rid of the appearance of ice or puddles.

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